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Favourite Spring Flowers

One of the first sure signs of spring is the appearance of spring flowers. There are a few staples, favourites, must-haves that are unmistakable signs of warmer days to come. We thought we would give them the spotlight in this week’s post. Keep reading for our most treasured and most frequently requested spring varieties.



Hand tied tulips with pussy willows are always huge at this time of year. They are inexpensive and give a great pop of colour. We love taking home this simple arrangement to brighten up a dining or side table.


We always see lots of demand for spring bulbs arranged in planters because people love to watch tulips, hyacinths and crocus grow indoors. Covered in moss and planted in a cute pot, bulbs can also be a great gift. This is especially true for someone in a small space like a nursing home or hospital. They are hopeful and it’s a lovely treat to watch them grow and bloom.


Another favourite is ranunculus. They are ever-popular, especially in weddings. They open big and full, they are long-lasting, and they are the sweethearts of any spring bouquet.


And last but not least, flowering branches such as magnolia, forsythia, pussy willows and cherry blossoms are simple and elegant on their own in a big vase. An oversized bundle of these spring staples is all you need to create big impact!


What are some of your favourite spring flowers? What colours do you look forward to seeing each year? For a little more spring inspiration, join us on our Pinterest page!

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Three Simple Tips for Growing Succulents Indoors

Succulents are becoming more and more popular, and growing them indoors is a great option if you’re looking to add some greenery to your space. Provided the right conditions, they can survive even our coldest prairie winters! Although succulents are known for being relatively low maintenance, we do have a few tips to set you up for success and keep your new house guests happy for many seasons to come.


Tips for Caring for Succulents


Well Lit


Succulents naturally grow well with plenty of sunlight. They thrive in warm, dry environments and will benefit from at least six hours of sunlight per day. Keep them away from the harsh midday sun if possible, and far from any chilly drafts during the cooler months. Bonus tip – If you start to see them growing towards the sunlight, you might need to find them a brighter spot.


Well Drained


You might think that with all the sun, and our dry climate, that your succulents need lots of water. Not so! The biggest problem we see with these little guys is overwatering. Be sure to water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. You will also want to make sure you’ve provided a way for the water to drain through the container or soil you choose, avoiding any moisture getting trapped around the roots.


Well Suited


If you are just getting started caring for succulents, set yourself up for success by choosing an easy-going variety. As a general rule, thevarieties with green coloured leaves tend to be easier to tend to with some of the more exotic colours requiring a more attentive eye.


Any other questions? Feel free to give us a call or send us a message on Instagram, and we would be happy to help!

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Fleurish Spring Workshops

Spring Workshop Dates

Fleurish Spring Workshops


We can’t wait to clean up those holiday planters and add some colour back into our homes. This spring’s list of workshops are designed to help you do just that while also giving you a chance to mix and mingle with some fellow flower lovers. Spaces are limited, so be sure to pick your favourite class, grab a friend and give us a call to reserve your spot!

Outdoor Planter Workshop

Most people are craving spring and our Christmas outdoor containers have seen better days. It’s time to freshen things up and make room for spring! For a cost of $130 we supply everything you need to create one 10″ outdoor container insert including beautiful spring greens such as salal, BC boxwood and oregonia, pussy willows and forsythia. You will also be given the opportunity to customize your creation with all the amazing goodies in our shop.


Thursday, March 9th 7pm | Parkdale
Sunday, March 12th 11:30am and 1:30pm | Parkdale
Sunday, March 12th 1:30pm | Lakeview
Thursday, March 16th 7pm | Parkdale
Sunday, April 9th11:30am and 1:30pm | Parkdale


Spring Wreath Workshop

Come create a beautiful spring wreath for your front door. For a cost of $125, we will create a whimsical off centered beautiful moss wreath with cotton, BC boxwood, oregonia, eucalyptus and pussy willows. This one will be gorgeous!!!
Thursday, April 6th 7pm | Parkdale

Easter Centrepiece Workshop

Create a beautiful table centerpiece for Easter. A cost of $75 includes everything required to create a gorgeous focal point for your Easter gathering.

Thursday, April 13th 7pm | Parkdale


Mother & Daughter Day

Spend the afternoon with your daughter learning the art of floral design. You will both learn the techniques of arranging flowers in a vase and will each take something home to enjoy. Best suited for ages 6-12. Cost per pair is $100 and bring another daughter for $40. This is a great gift for Mother’s Day to enjoy a week early!!


Sunday, May 7th 11:30am | Parkdale


Please call us at 403.242.1133 to save your spot!
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Tips for Orchid Care

Orchid Care

We love orchids as a hostess or holiday gift. These stunning plants can bloom for months at a time, and they will often re-bloom with proper care. Here are our top three tips on caring for your orchid.


Tips for Orchid Care


Orchids do not need a ton of water. They have a delicate root system that can easily succumb to rot, so it’s best to water them a little less than you might think. Depending on where you’ve got it sitting, watering lightly every week or two is the perfect amount. The best way to do this is by placing 2-3 ice cubes on top of the moss to allow for a gentle drip of water over the course of a few hours.



Orchids need bright, indirect light to thrive. A spot near a south-facing window is ideal, away from any air vents or drafts. The easiest way to tell if your plant is happy is to look at the colour of the leaves. Bright green means you’ve found a great location. Dark green leaves could indicate that you need to find a little more sun, and reddish-green means the light is too bright.


Long-term Health

Once your orchid has finished blooming, it’s time to give it a trim. Use nice clean clippers and cut the stem back to a spot just above the second node up from the plant’s base. Continue to water as you have been, keeping an eye on the colour of the leaves, and watch for new growth over the next few months.


We are here to help, so get in touch if you have any questions about caring for any of your indoor plants or fresh cut flowers!

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Michael Partenio Photography

Fall Thanksgiving workshop

Lets get crafty!!

Michael Partenio Photography

Michael Partenio Photography

Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and we are holding a Pumpkin Centrepiece workshop to help you make your dinner table the talk of the town!


Thursday October 6th 7pm-9pm at our brand new location!!!

3 Parkdale Crescent NW

$75 per person

There are limited spaces available so if you would like to attend, please email us at

jaime@fleurishflowershop.ca or call (403) 242-1133 to reserve a spot.

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new location

New location

We are so close to opening our second location and we wanted to share a sneak peak with you! We feel so  lucky to be able to expand our business and really appreciate the support we have had from our friends and clients, old and new.

fleurish flower shop

We will be focusing mostly on weddings and events from this location and are looking forward to sharing it with all you 2017 brides. Don’t worry, our current location isn’t going anywhere.

Stay tuned for our official opening date!













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Centrepiece | Hendrich Photography

Transition flowers

With summer coming to a close, its not all doom and gloom. The peonies may be gone, but it opens up the doors to a whole new colour pallet and range of flowers becoming available.

When you think of fall, people tend to go straight to the pumpkin oranges and chocolate browns, but rest assured, there are still a lot of other colours you can work with.

Calligraphy plum | Hendrich Photography Dusty Pink Bouquet | Flourish Flower shop Fall bridesmaids | Gabe McCintock Photography


Pomegranate branches, deep red dahlias, cotton branches, brunia berry, burgundy scabiosa, and ranunculus are all gracing us with their presence and make for some great textures and colours. Remember you can get roses all year round.


Deep red bouquet | Cassies Camera Centrepiece | Hendrich Photography


Stay tuned for our fall workshops coming up!


Plum image Photography: Heidrich Photography // Calligraphy: Art and Alexander // Styling: Joy Wed

Bridesmaids Bouquets: Gabe McClintock // Planning: Joy Foley Wed 

Red bouquet: Cassies Camera // Planning: Postcard Weddings

Centerpiece: Heidrich Photography // Styling: Birds and Honey // Decor and rentals: Rus Vintage Rentals // Calligraphy: Art and Alexander

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Kristyn Harder Photography | Lemon styled shoot

Kate Spade Lemon Styled shoot

Nothing says summer better than a nice cold glass of lemonade. Even Beyonce approves! This styled shoot created by Claudette Marie Events is so much fun and used bright yellow and hot pink as its main colours. Mixing the bold colours with black and white make it modern and perfect if you are a lover of all things Kate Spade.

We used real lemons, large white, yellow and ivory roses in the table garland. We love the use of the lemons for the place cards too.
lemon stationery |Kristyn Harder Photography Pink flamingo |Kristyn Harder Photography Lemon place cards |Kristyn Harder Photography Kate Spade inspired shoot |Kristyn Harder Photography lemon table garland |Kristyn Harder Photography white and yellow garland |Kristyn Harder Photography

lemons |Kristyn Harder Photography claudette marie events |Kristyn Harder Photography  flavoured water |Kristyn Harder Photography

Lemon Shoot // Summer Styled Shoot // Claudette Marie Events // Parfait Productions from Parfait Productions on Vimeo.

Photography: Kristyn Harder Photography // Videography: Parfait Productions // Styling: Claudette Marie Events // Stationery: The Social Page // Rentals: Special Event Rentals and Pieces Rentals //

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orange girl photography

Real wedding – Ashley and Chris

Ashley and Chris were married on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. We used lots of greenery in the arrangements and bouquets. The groom had a succulent boutonnière which is something brides don’t usually choose to do. We also created eucalyptus flower crowns for the sweetest flower girls! For the reception, we used a mixture of lush green table runners filled with hydrangeas and roses, and tall vases with an explosion of blooms coming out of the top.

Beautiful bridal bouquet | Orange Girl Photography Bride and her bouquet | Orange Girl Photography Cute flower girl and flower crown | Orange Girl Photography Succulent boutonniere | Orange Girl Photography flower girls | Orange Girl Photography Mountain top ceremony | Orange Girl Photography Beautiful bridal party | Orange Girl Photography Bride and groom mountain wedding | Orange Girl Photography Reception decor full of greenery | Orange Girl Photography Garland on sweetheart table | Orange Girl Photography
reception florals | Orange Girl Photography Floral table runner | Orange Girl Photography Chair garland | Orange Girl Photography


Photography: Orange Girl // Videography: Parfait Productions // Planning: Lynn Fletcher Weddings// Florals: Fleurish Flower Shop // Stationery (Day of): The Social Page//Rentals: Special Event Rentals // Caked and desserts: Whippt desserts and catering // Venue: The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel


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Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography

Styled shoot- modern marsala

Pears and pomegranates is such a great way to incorporate colour and texture to a table setting. They are also the perfect colour! Marsala was Pantone’s colour of the year last year and when styled right is such a modern romantic colour. It is also a great base and lots of other colours compliment it and this colour isn’t going anywhere! This shoot has been the inspiration for many 2016 and 2017 weddings.

Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography
Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography Fleurish flower shop | Milton Photography


Event design and styling: JoyFoley Weddings// Photography: Milton Photography// Flowers: Fleurish Flower Shop // Stationery: Pink Umbrella Designs// Hair and Makeup: The Pretty Haus // Dress: Kathryn Bass Bridal // Model: Peyton Gastel // Rentals: Special Event Rentals

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