Meet the Team

Long-lasting and loyal customer relationships don’t just happen. They take time, consistency, and the highest level of commitment. The team at Fleurish is a close group of women united around one thing: designing the most beautiful, fresh flowers for you each and every time.

Jaime Gage, Owner, Lead Designer

Jaime Gage is the owner and creative mind behind Calgary-based Fleurish. With a love for designing beautiful flowers to suit each individual and occasion, Jaime’s signature style weaves natural elements and a client’s vision into each project.
Jaime loves what she can do with flowers—transforming the beauty of nature into a creative work of art.
“Fleurish is the perfect word for the studio because it means so many things to me,” says Jaime. “I love seeing the designers around me flourish by constantly growing and developing their skills, I also love how our community comes together through workshops and how the shop is often a gathering place for neighbors and people in the community.”
For the past 10 years, Jaime has styled flowers for a wide number of clients and events. From large weddings and special events, to intimate gatherings, Jaime has a keen eye for creating beautiful flowers that elevate the ordinary.
Jaime is also known for her ability to listen and respond to client needs, while offering seasonally appropriate ideas—all while maintaining a firm grip on timeline and budget.

Jo Capco-Wong

Jo Capco-Wong has been a floral designer in Calgary for over 15 years. After working as a lab chemist, Jo wanted a change that would allow her to interact with people more. She discovered her passion for flowers and got her floral design certificate from Chinook Colllege. Jo wanted a profession that would excite her every day—she found that place at Fleurish.
Jo’s vision for floral design is innovative, yet classic, sophisticated with a touch of flare.
She believes every client has his or her own unique story. Her knack for listening and developing one-of-a-kind, breathtaking floral arrangements, makes her one of Calgary’s most sought-after floral stylists.

Georgina Farney

Inspired by art, her colleagues and the simple elegance of flowers, Georgina Farney is well known for her free-spirited approach to designing floral arrangements. Her attention to detail and ability to scope out the perfect flowers for each client is remarkable.
While attending Mount Royal University, Georgina discovered her love for styling flowers, and shortly after, switched to the floral design program.
Georgina loves her days at Fleurish. Whether working on a wedding or outdoor decorating project, creating elaborate centerpieces or a special bouquet, her energy and creativity comes through for every client and occasion.

Trisha Mackay

Prior to joining Fleurish, Trisha Mackay spent 20 years in sales and marketing. But it wasn’t until she started working at Fleurish, where she found her true calling.
Trisha thrives in the collaborative scene of the local flower shop and believes that flowers truly enrich our surroundings. She enjoys helping her clients express their sentiments through flowers and promises to make every experience unique.
Trisha specializes in creating unexpected floral designs weaving the colours, texture, design and scent of flowers together.

Shelagh Lee

What started as a seasonal gig during the holidays, blossomed into something much more for Shelagh Lee. For ten years now, Shelagh has been showcasing her love of flowers with the Fleurish team.
Inspired by the raw beauty of nature, Shelagh specializes in creating loose, natural arrangements. She gets the most pleasure out of being adventurous with flowers, mixing surprising elements for extraordinary results.
One of her favorite things about working at Fleurish? Her co-workers. She recalls her pre-florist days, loving the warm ambiance of the neighborhood flower shop in Lakeview. This feeling, combined with her love of flowers, inspired her to pursue a career with Fleurish.

Shelagh keeps fresh floral arrangements in her own home, and is always seeking new ways to stay inspired for her art.

Julie Babchyshyn

Fleurish Flower Shop is excited to introduce Julie Babchyshyn as the newest member of the team. After working as a silversmith for the last 25 years and recently graduating from Mt. Royal University’s Floral Design program, Julie brings a fresh approach to floral arrangement.
She has a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for the simplicity and elegance of organic compositions. Julie believes in allowing the intrinsic beauty of the flowers to speak for themselves.
As an avid gardener, flowers have been a part of the landscape in every yard Julie has had—spilling out of pots and containers, and popping up in between rows of veggies. They have also been a favourite subject to paint and photograph, and were a frequent theme in her jewelry designs.
Julie is inspired by the people who walk into the shop, the Fleurish team, and gets great satisfaction out of creating special arrangements for each individual.

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